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Enlightened Relationships: Secrets to True Love and Happiness

by Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. & Natalie Rivera
ISBN: 978-1-60166-040-4
Pages: 180

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Are you READY to finally experience TRUE LOVE and happiness?

To have relationships that bring joy instead of drama?  Life is short, so why settle for less?

Sometimes we lie to ourselves, believing that intimacy is overrated and that romantic love is a fantasy that only exists in the movies. Other times we obsess over fairytale romance that eventually leads to disappointment. We observe the bad relationships around us and they confirm our suspicions—that it is normal for relationships to leave us unfulfilled, without the joy, connection, and love we desire. But, ask yourself; do you want your relationships just to be “okay”? Is that what you’ve always wanted? Is it truly normal? Is that the dream that you grew up having of how life should be?

Are you willing to settle?

Many people come to accept and believe that they can’t have their ideal relationship, and honestly I don’t blame them. For part of my own life I believed the same thing, settled for the same thing, and worst of all lost hope and gave up even trying to create what I wanted in my life.

For my soul mate, Natalie, and I, it was hard to believe that true love is possible because when we looked around we rarely saw anyone that had truly loving relationships. Even worse, most people were not very happy with their life in general. Talk about a de-motivator. However, individually we were both drawn to work with couples, singles, and families to improve their relationships. Through our journeys we each saw and experienced enough evidence that loving, healthy, fulfilling relationships did exist that we began to believe.

Each of us reached a point in our lives that we decided were no longer to settle—we were ready to BELIEVE. After making the DECISION and the COMMITMENT to ourselves to create the true love relationship we truly desired, we found each other. We found our soul mates!

Today, not only do we live an “enlightened relationship” of joy, true love, and mutual support and growth, we teach others what internal changes and external choices we made that opened the doorway to a new way of being in relationship with our selves, each other, and all of those we love.

We don’t just teach from personal experience, we share insights and expertise from over a decade in the field of psychology, studying relationships, creating programs and workshops, and serving tens of thousands of people from around the world.

Through my expertise and first-hand experience, I can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that true love and happiness is not only possible, it is your God-given-right and something that no one should live without.

Let’s be real, whether we want to admit it or not, relationships affect every aspect of our life. It’s amazing how by making some minor changes and improving our relationships, we open our self to a whole new world. This shift can affect everything, from how motivated we are to get up in the morning to how successful we are financially. What I’m saying is not just some Hollywood mumbo-jumbo, this is backed with decades of research. I’m sure you’ve experienced his in your own life. Think of a time when you felt deeply in love and recall the impact that it had in your life—you were on your game, life seemed effortless, success was attracted to you—you felt happy and alive. But, I’m not talking about the “infatuation” experience of being in love, where you’re blinded and lose yourself and it all comes crashing down. I’m talking about TRUE LOVE—lasting love—the kind shared with a truly compatible partner that you can grow old with—a soul mate.

Check out a partial list of chapters from the book:

  • A New Definition of Love
  • Do Opposites Really Attract?
  • Communication Strategies That WORK!
  • Shift Your Relationships through Forgiveness
  • The Energy Game: Do You Give or Take?
  • Is Your Reality Boxed In?
  • Our Relationship with Our Past
  • Happiness in Your Relationships
  • The Art of Play
  • Power-Up Your Passion

Just $14.95! (Plus $3 Shipping)


Buy book on: AmazonBarnes & Noble

Download E-Book: Kindle  (Nook and iTunes coming soon!)



About the Authors:

Meet Joeel & Natalie

Joeel A Rivera, M.Ed. and Natalie Rivera have over 15 years combined experience working with couples, families, and individuals to improve their relationships. They’ve worked with tens of thousands of people from around the world through their motivational speaking, retreats, and writing. They are the publishers of Transformation Magazine and have been writing for the monthly columns “Enlightened Relationships” and “Awakening” for over 3 years.

Joeel is a counselor and life coach specializing in relationships and entrepreneurship, and Natalie is a transformational life coach. Joeel received a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling and is currently finishing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on human happiness and what drives us to achieve our fullest potential. Together, they present and teach on topics such as Enlightened Relationships, Personal Transformation, and Entrepreneurship.

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