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As an indie publisher, Transformation works with savvy business professionals and inspired storytellers who would consider self-publishing but don’t have the time, don’t know where to begin, and don’t want to go-at-it-alone. They want the partnership, prestige, and support of working with a publisher, but without the expense, time, and frustration of going after a contract with a large publishing house.

Explore our publishing offerings below and take the “What Type of Author Are You?” quiz to determine if Transformation Publishing is the right partner for you along this journey of birthing your book!

Publish vs. Self-Publish: Transformation Publishing focuses exclusively on inspirational, transformational, and empowering topics. If your book is outside of our niche, or you prefer to self-publish, you can elect the Self-Publish Options listed below.




  • Custom interior layout
  • Online distribution through, as well as:

  1. Cover layout of previously designed graphics (provided by author)
  2. Book page on Transformation-
  3. Simple $1 per book publisher fee royalty structure
  4. Quarterly tracking and royalty payments
  5. 1 hour initial consultation to determine your publishing needs, book price, and market assessment, etc
  6. 1 hour consultation to finalize book description/biography
  7. ISBN ($125 value)
  8. Bar Code ($20 value)
  9. Library of Congress submission and PCN #
  10. US Copyright Filing ($35 value)
  11. 1 Physical Proof Copy (additional
  12. $40 charge for 2nd proof)

Self-Publish Option: Additional $200 fee for us to set up all accounts under author’s name and release all rights.

Pricing Options

  1. $400 Option: Author keeps 70% of all eBook revenue. Publisher tracks and reports royalty quarterly.*
  2. $550 Option: Author keeps 100% of all eBook revenue and maintains own account.*

Prices apply to fully completed, formatted, print-ready book up to 250 pages and includes the following:

  1. eBook file conversion to ePub and MOBI formats
  2. Distribution through all major worldwide distribution channels, including:

*Additional fees apply if book file needs editing in order to properly convert to eBook format.


Custom Book Cover $300

Prices calculated at 250 words/page, 200 pages
Proofreading .01/word $500
Editing .02/word $1,000
Rewrite/Advanced .03-.05/word

Marketing Coaching $100/hour
Basic Web Site $200+
Book Trailer Video $100+

Branding Package $1,000

  • Logo/Brand Graphic
  • Business Card Design
  • Flyer and Order Form
  • Custom/Branded Web Site
  • Printing costs of above materials and $10/month hosting not included

Prices range from $4 to $8+ each, depending on your book.

Contact us for information about converting your book, training, or workshops into video courses.

Contact us for information about intro and promo videos.


Children’s books, color, and photo books require custom quotes.

Click here for downloadable Publishing Packages Sheet.

  • Thank you for transforming with us!